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1. Eminent physicists from all over the world came to the U.S. to ____ the centennial(一百周年)of A. Einsteins birth.

A) congratulate  B) applaud  C) celebrate  D) participate

2. Although ____ Spanish, he attended the course

A) he was knowing   B) he is knowing   C) having a knowledge of  D) knows

3. Joseph was very lucky____ with his life; he almost did not get out of the room.

A. to escape   B. to have escaped  C. to escaping   D. to be escaping

4. Frank almost never received any education, ____?

A. would he    B. did he    C. didn’t he   D. wouldn’t he

5. To obtain a satisfactory result, one must apply two ____of paint on a clean surface.

A. coats    B. levels    C. times   D. courses




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