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摘要AEAS 考试是目前应用较广的语言测试项目,是澳大利亚教育评估服务机构根据在校中学生的英语水平,为希望到澳大利亚就读中学的中国学生专门特设的综合考试项目。今天AEAS百科网为AEAS考生整理了一套词汇 ...

AEAS 考试是目前应用较广的语言测试项目,是澳大利亚教育评估服务机构根据在校中学生的英语水平,为希望到澳大利亚就读中学的中国学生专门特设的综合考试项目。


26. Columbus' decision to sail west to reach the East _____ on his belief that the earth was round.

A. existed

B. sat

C. relaxed

D. rested

27. Despite the wonderful acting and well-developed plot the _____ movie could not hold our attention.

A. three-hours

B. three-hour

C. three-hours'

D. three-hour's

28. Difficulties can _____ a person's best qualities.

A. bring up

B. bring out

C. bring about

D. bring to

29. Doctors sometimes _____ old cures when modern medicine doesn't worK.

A. fall on

B. fall down on

C. fall back on

D. fall in upon

30. Does brain power _____ as we get older? Scientists now have some surprising answers.

A. descend

B. decline

C. deduce

D. collapse

31. Doing your homework is a sure way to improve your test scores, and this is especially true _____ it comes to classroom tests.

A. when

B. since

C. before

D. after

32. Don't worry. The company will _____ all your expense.

A. satisfy

B. meet

C. pay

D. submit

33. Eventually, people spread throughout the continent, ______ the entire species.

A. wiping out

B. wiping away

C. wiping off

D. wiping up

34. Experts say walking is one of the best ways for a person to ______ healthy.

A. preserve

B. stay

C. maintain

D. reserve

35. Faced with the ______ difficulties, they are determined to carry on their program.

A. satisfactory

B. attributable

C. innocent

D. intangible

36. Fewer and fewer of today's workers expect to spend their working lives in the same field, ______ the same company.

A. all else

B. much worse

C. let alone

D. less likely

37. Flying in an airplane was once thought to be an impossible ______.

A. task

B. profession

C. promise

D. contest

38. Fresh vegetables are straight from the ______ and raw vegetables are ______.

A. earth...cooked

B. soil...uncooked

C. floor...cooked

D. ground...uncooked

39. From this material we can _____ hundreds of what you may call direct products.

A. derive

B. discern

C. diminish

D. displace

40. Fruit is cheapest _____ season.

A. at

B. on

C. in

D. through

41. Fruit pickers are paid at the _____ of '4.00 an hour.

A. rate

B. scale

C. sum

D. value

42. Fumes from the exhaust of an automobile are ______.

A. notorious

B. anxious

C. noxious

D. delicious

43. George wasn't in class today, Professor Brown excused him ______.

A. from attending

B. of attending

C. to attend

D. attending

44. Class will _____ at a high temperature and will be in a liquid condition.

A. dissolve

B. disappear

C. melt

D. evaporate

45. Hamlet _____ his father's death on his uncle.

A. reversed

B. reverted

C. revenged

D. revealed

46. He _____ tennis every day since he ______ sixteen.

A. has played... is

B. played... has been

C. was playing...has been

D. has been playing...was

47. He appeared _____ with our team's performance.

A. satisfying

B. to be satisfying

C. to satisfy

D. satisfied

48. He believed that the greatest of his _____ was that he'd never had a college education.

A. grieves

B. misfortunes

C. disasters

D. sorrows

49. He delivered _____ orders for a Chinese restaurant for the whole summer vacation so as to earn enough money for his tuition.

A. take off

B. take over

C. take up

D. take out

50. He does not _____ as a teacher of English as his pronunciation is terrible.

A. equal

B. match

C. qualify

D. fit



26-30 DBBCB 31-35 ABABD 36-40 CBBA A 41-45 CACA C 46-50 CDDBD


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